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Welcome to Diversity Book Fairies of Cincinnati!

Improving Literacy. Building Empathy. One Book At A Time.

We are a network of volunteers dedicated to getting diverse and traditionally banned books into the hands of children and families around the Cincinnati area via distribution to Little Free Libraries, classrooms, homes, recreation centers, places of worship, correctional facilities and more, for those otherwise lacking transportation and access.


Help us in our mission is to bridge the gap, promote literacy and encourage inclusivity through literature! 

We believe that reading diverse literature is crucial for the development of empathy and understanding in young readers, and recognize the importance of seeing themselves as they are, represented in books. 

Diversity Book Fairies of Cincinnati is a program maintained with 501c3 status through our parent nonprofit, Survivor Cards. 


Disclaimer: We are inclusive to all races, colors, ancestries, religions, sexes, national origins, orientations, ages, citizenship statuses, marital statuses, disabilities, gender identities and veteran statuses.


Our Stance on Banned Books

We believe that every child should have access to books that represent a diverse range of characters and experiences.


We also believe that these books should not be removed or banned from circulation, access be restricted, and we stand against censorship.


When we ban books, we tell real people that they do not belong.

Our Sponsors

We are grateful for the support of our sponsors, who help us to achieve our mission of promoting diversity and inclusivity through literature. If you would like to become a sponsor, please click the button below.

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