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Who We Are

Improving Literacy. Building Empathy. One Book At A Time.

Diversity Book Fairies of Cincinnati is a nonprofit initiative focused on getting diverse and traditionally banned books into the hands of children and families around the Cincinnati area via Little Free Libraries, classrooms, homes, recreation centers, places of worship, correctional facilities, and more, who may otherwise lack access and transportation.


We believe that every child deserves access to books that represent their culture and experiences, and that censorship should not limit their exposure to diverse perspectives.


  • 40% of 3rd graders in Cincinnati do not read proficiently at their grade level.

  • Nearly 85% of books published in 2018 were written by white authors.

Sources: QCBB & Includr

We can bridge the gap by providing diverse books in settings children and families have free access to, 24/7!

Diversity Book Fairies of Cincinnati is a program maintained with 501c3 status through our parent nonprofit, Survivor Cards.

Disclaimer: We are inclusive to all races, colors, ancestries, religions, sexes, national origins, orientations, ages, citizenship statuses, marital statuses, disabilities, gender identities and veteran statuses.



Our mission is to provide access to diverse and traditionally banned books to children and families in the Cincinnati area, with the goal of promoting empathy, understanding, and acceptance of all cultures and backgrounds.


Our vision is a community in which every child has access to books that accurately represent their culture and experiences, and where censorship is not a barrier to learning about diverse perspectives.

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